Auckland Libraries eBook and eAudiobook Apps

Our busy lives taught us to use online services more and push us to use our time efficiently. Especially, if you spend a long time in Auckland traffic you probably started to think how to make your time better used. Suggestion, listen to a book! It is great that Auckland Libraries follow the day, sense the… Continue reading Auckland Libraries eBook and eAudiobook Apps

Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa

Kia Ora, Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa a major exhibition about New Zealand’s music. The exhibition has been going on in Auckland War Memorial Museum since 26th October 2016 until 21st May 2017. Soo, you can still make it. Volume starts from today and going back a decade by decade until 1950’s. This brilliantly designed interactive exhibition… Continue reading Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa

Milky Chance – Auckland 26 April 2017

Helloooo, I should admit I did not know the band, Milky Chance. I listened to their songs before getting the ticket and said, ‘They are good. Let’s see them!’ But their performance was absolutely amazing!  They nailed it for sure! I really did not expect this. People say, sometimes it is better when you do not… Continue reading Milky Chance – Auckland 26 April 2017

Visy Recycling – How to Recycle in Auckland!

  Dear All,   29th April 2017 Visy Recycling in Auckland opened its doors first time to the public. The visit designed as approximately 30 minutes learning session in the classroom, then a walk around the side perimeter to see where recyclings dropped off and the finished bales of recyclables. They had 9 am, 10… Continue reading Visy Recycling – How to Recycle in Auckland!

Sassy Best Friend by Rose Matafeo

Hello everyone, New Zealand International Comedy Festival is on until 21st May 2017. I watched Rose Matafeo last night. It was brilliant not surprisingly. I had a chance to see her earlier stand-up Pizza Party a couple of years ago. It was the show brought me back to my seat again to watch her performance.… Continue reading Sassy Best Friend by Rose Matafeo

Auckland International Cultural Festival

Auckland hosted another exciting event over the weekend, Sunday 2nd April. When the subject is cultural and also international, you should be ready to see and experience a lot: lots of food stalls, stalls full of cultural items, dances, music and also contributions from many types of organisations such as The Peace Foundation, United Nations and… Continue reading Auckland International Cultural Festival