Milky Chance – Auckland 26 April 2017



I should admit I did not know the band, Milky Chance. I listened to their songs before getting the ticket and said, ‘They are good. Let’s see them!’

But their performance was absolutely amazing!  They nailed it for sure! I really did not expect this. People say, sometimes it is better when you do not expect.

Milky Chance is a German band. Lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, DJ, producer Philipp Dausch, and guitarist Antonio Greger are band members.

Clemens and Philipp were in a jazz quartet known as Flown Tones where Rehbein played bass guitar and Dausch was a guitarist in 2012.

They released their first single ”Stolen Dance” in 2013 and climbed to number one of many European countries. Their last album Blossom released in March 2017.

Their performance in Auckland was on 26 April in Powerstation that is a great size performance centre. To see to drum set on the stage was very interesting and they performed beautifully.

This lovely band has a good future ahead them. Their modern and melodic sounds will bring them more fame in coming years. I hope you also enjoy their music if you haven’t discovered them yet.

I made this short video out of their performance in Powerstation, Auckland.








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