Auckland International Cultural Festival

IMG_7373Auckland hosted another exciting event over the weekend, Sunday 2nd April. When the subject is cultural and also international, you should be ready to see and experience a lot: lots of food stalls, stalls full of cultural items, dances, music and also contributions from many types of organisations such as The Peace Foundation, United Nations and Mobile Library, etc.

There were two stages to present music and dance shows. These stages were positioned back to back, they weren’t very far from each other but also had little space for the audience. I found the stalls and stage settlement a bit messy. There wasn’t a good order to follow or good space for each country. Also, I didn’t find fair to separate stalls according to the continent, since European and Asian stalls were packed, but African and Ocean areas were relatively empty. The war memorial park in Mt Roskill welcomed people for this festival and I believe that it could be better designed.

Still, there was a lot of attractive stuff around and I literally felt like a kid with lots of distractions. I wanted to listen to every music performance that was played, to see any shows that took place, to eat any food provided etc. I admit that I was spoilt with very good options and enjoyed it to the end. Then I came to the understanding that festivals do this to us. It’s impossible to be everywhere. So, everyone gets their own experience, even though they were just a part of the same festival.

The front stage managed to get many people dancing to their music. They were playing some Latin rhythms and it sounded very nice. Towards to the end, they announced that they were going to play a Greek song. Straight after they started playing people moved into a circle and I couldn’t resist joining them.

Thank you, Auckland and Auckland Council, for this great festival. Looking forward to the next one!



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