Visy Recycling – How to Recycle in Auckland!


Tracks leaving their load  and bales are ready to go

Dear All,


29th April 2017 Visy Recycling in Auckland opened its doors first time to the public. The visit designed as approximately 30 minutes learning session in the classroom, then a walk around the side perimeter to see where recyclings dropped off and the finished bales of recyclables.

They had 9 am, 10 am, 12 pm and 1 pm sessions. I joined at 9 am and can say that even though, it was very early on Saturday morning, the session was full. People attended mostly with their children who were adorable with their curious questions.

I would like to point out a few important information from this visit;

Visy Recycling has a collection centre in Onehunga. They do not do recycling in this place only collect, sort and send recyclable items to their process centres. They receive roughly 200 tracks of recycling materials into this centre every day and then they process all these collections through their specifically designed sorting machine to separate glass, cans, plastic bottles, etc.

Please please please do not put plastic bags into your recycling bin. Plastic bags causes damage and requires hours to repair the sorting machine.

soft_plastics_bin You can collect your plastic bags and take to supermarkets which have the collection box that you will see in the picture here. They make outdoor furniture out of plastic bags.

Please throw your bottle, jars, etc with their lid on the sorting machine can separate them better when their lid on, even if bottle and lid made out of different materials.

Please clean materials that you put into the recycling bin. Dirt can damage the sorting machine.

Please do not put clothes, food and electronic devices into the recycling bin.

If you are interested this kind of events you can sign up Auckland Council’s event page and get news about their programmes through


Sevgi Ikinci





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