Walk the Walk

IMG_7174                                                                 Doris de Pont presents the event.

I loved the name of this fashion event: Walk the Walk. Originally, it is ”A History of Walk the Walk Fashion in the city” I had a chance to be part of the exhibit on Saturday, 1st April 2017. It was such a lucky Auckland day in terms of the weather. As you know, the sun didn’t want to share much time with us this summer in Auckland.

I can’t say that I am a fan of fashion.  Fashion to me is whatever suits me. Even so, I still choose my clothes most of the time from what is produced and what is I feel as good taste. However, when it comes to an Auckland event, I will be there and happily spend my time.

I like fashion when I see good use of stuff, not wasting, re-producing, re-making, re-cycling. It is a kind of engineering and a kind of art. A limited amount of items needs to be turned into attractive goods. Given the limitation, and stress this creates, results are often amazing.

But aren’t they right? Don’t our clothes give us our identities, represent who we are in a way? Even if we don’t care about them! So, fashion is important for a human being, as it shows how we live, how we think, how and what we use, how we create, etc.

Doris de Pont came out with the New Zealand Fashion Musem idea in 2010. She is a fashion designer and anthropologist. What a great two professions to come together to create such a museum. The museum is also very groovy: It is modern, flexible and online. The museum’s website describes itself with the following words;

”NZFM embraces the traditional purpose of a museum, which is to develop social knowledge and encourage discussion about society, culture and our national identity. It does, however, break with the traditional museum form with its ability to be flexible, dynamic and a museum trendsetter. It chooses to be represented not by a grand building or a physical collection but instead by the quality of its research, its publications, its online museum and by its award-winning pop-up exhibitions.

I would like to share some photos as a slideshow here from the event that I joined. Half of the clothes were from New Zealand’s past, the other half was from its future designs. I hope you will like it but I also recommend you to follow up their events to see more. You can subscribe to the website’s newsletter, get more information and see upcoming events: http://nzfashionmuseum.org.nz/

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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