Milky Chance – Auckland 26 April 2017

Helloooo, I should admit I did not know the band, Milky Chance. I listened to their songs before getting the ticket and said, ‘They are good. Let’s see them!’ But their performance was absolutely amazing!  They nailed it for sure! I really did not expect this. People say, sometimes it is better when you do not… Continue reading Milky Chance – Auckland 26 April 2017

Visy Recycling – How to Recycle in Auckland!

  Dear All,   29th April 2017 Visy Recycling in Auckland opened its doors first time to the public. The visit designed as approximately 30 minutes learning session in the classroom, then a walk around the side perimeter to see where recyclings dropped off and the finished bales of recyclables. They had 9 am, 10… Continue reading Visy Recycling – How to Recycle in Auckland!

Auckland International Cultural Festival

Auckland hosted another exciting event over the weekend, Sunday 2nd April. When the subject is cultural and also international, you should be ready to see and experience a lot: lots of food stalls, stalls full of cultural items, dances, music and also contributions from many types of organisations such as The Peace Foundation, United Nations and… Continue reading Auckland International Cultural Festival

Pasifika Festival in Auckland

Pasifika Festival is an annual event that takes place in Western Springs in Auckland. As Aucklanders will know, Western Springs is a fabulous green area. There is a lake in the middle where the ducks, pukekos and several other types of birds abound. Also, it shares some part of it with MOTAT (Museum of Transport and… Continue reading Pasifika Festival in Auckland

Maala – The Musician

Some of you already know who is Maala and his music. He made his first appearance in New Zealand’s Got Talent in 2012, while he was only 17 with his real name Evan Sinton. His impressive Beatless – Blackbird rendition moved him forward in the show, but it was obvious from the first show he will… Continue reading Maala – The Musician