Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa

IMG_7795Kia Ora,

Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa a major exhibition about New Zealand’s music. The exhibition has been going on in Auckland War Memorial Museum since 26th October 2016 until 21st May 2017. Soo, you can still make it.

Volume starts from today and going back a decade by decade until 1950’s. This brilliantly designed interactive exhibition can connect to anyone. So many opportunities have been given to play and enjoy around. My observation was children and even adults loved to play with music instruments, word puzzles, lights, and etc. Kiwis had some nostalgia and expats and tourists relished to learn more about New Zealand music.

There are hand-written lyrics, screens and headphones to listen to selected music, autographed instruments, alluring clothes, lots and lots of information and a resourceful documentary which was fun to watch in the exhibition.

Spark amplified with the event. A wide Spark card is given you from the start point to collect music, selfies, movies, etc by just touching to several Spark screens and at the end of the exhibition, you can email the collected data to your email address.

I enjoyed with this lovely exhibition and highly recommend to you. Don’t miss it if you like music and exhibitions!

Sevgi Ikinci



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